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Air Fryer Recipes

air fryer salmon1 16535734391 - Recipes
Quick & Easy Air Fryer Salmon RecipeIf you're looking for the quickest and most delicious meal, look no further than your air fryer. This salmon cooks quickly and comes out perfectly cooked on the inside with a flaky top crust. The sweet mustard topping makes this one of our favorite air fryer dishes.
airfryerpork 16061700791 - Recipes
Boneless Air Fryer Pork Chops RecipeIf you're new to the world of air fryers (and/or skeptical that you even need another countertop cooking device), let us reassure you: The air fryer is actually an impressively versatile kitchen tool. It's possible, though, that the phrase "air fry" is a bit misleading. That's because it cooks food by blowing very hot air over it, the same way a convection oven does. (In fact, the air fryer is essentially an affordable countertop convection oven.) The resulting food is less fried than roasted, albeit roasted very fast. That makes the air fryer ideal for when you want to cook something quickly but would rather it end up crispy as opposed to soggy, the way a microwave tends to do. (Here are 8 things we think you should never microwave.) Case in point: Boneless pork chops. Though these standard-bearers of weeknight ease can be quickly pan-seared, the process often involves a lot of cooking oil and the cleanup that comes with it. If you've ever tried to cook raw meat in the microwave, however, the gray, unappetizing results were something you only needed to witness once to realize it doesn't work. Enter the air fryer: It heats to 400°F in just 3-4 minutes (compared to 10 or 15 for an oven), and the small cooking space and air movement ensures that your chops will cook evenly and quickly. And though they won't quite get the char that a pan sear might offer, they end up as tender and juicy as you could want, with enough crisp on the outside to be perfectly appetizing. We recommend coating them with your favorite spice rub. It adds a lot of flavor and helps give the chops a nice crust.
delish 190731 brussel sprouts chips 0162 landscape pf 15658207261 - Recipes
Easy Brussels Sprout Chip RecipeThough the 10 year old version of ourselves would be shocked to hear it, we can't get enough of Brussels sprouts. Not only are they are favorite veggie side, they're now our favorite salty, crunchy snack! We love this garlic-parm variety dipped in caesar dressing, but Ranch wouldn't be a bad idea either. 😉
salmonflatbread 16566092401 - Recipes
Easy Air Fryer Salmon Flatbread RecipeIndulge in the ultimate fusion of flavors with our Easy Air Fryer Salmon Flatbread! This mouthwatering dish combines succulent salmon, tangy labneh or Greek yogurt, fresh veggies, and creamy feta on warm flatbread. With just 15 minutes of total time, you can enjoy a satisfying dinner that's bursting with deliciousness. Fork and knife optional, but the taste is mandatory.
air fryer chicken wings 16442667361 - Recipes
The Best Air Fryer Chicken Wings RecipeMeet a game changer: Once you’ve had air-fryer wings, we guarantee you’ll never want them any other way. Our air-fryer wings boast an ultra-crispy skin with sauce options from classic buffalo to hot Caribbean to satisfy whatever you’re craving (or mix and match for the ultimate variety). Whether you’re looking for an easy appetizer for your next party, a game day food recipe to please a crowd, or a tasty weeknight meal you’re keeping all to yourself (we won’t judge), these air-fryer wings are a simple but satisfying recipe you’ll keep coming back to. The key to this recipe is in the name: the famous air fryer. Say goodbye to soggy and oil-drenched wings! The air fryer gives that desired crispy skin without using any oil, making this dish a healthier and lower-calorie option compared to other oil-heavy recipes. Instead, circulating hot air cooks the wings while keeping a juicy and tender center. Tip: make sure to cook the wings in batches for maximum crispness! Frying in a single-layer ensures that each and every wing gets that mouthwatering texture. No marinating or preheating is required, so this three-step meal is a cinch to whip up. Simply decide on a favorite sauce (or two), get out that air fryer, and you’ll be munching on a perfect party snack in no time.