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Cocktail Recipes

bfc78037 8880 46dc afc8 65229cbe708c 2015 0619 t n tourism hayleys commet cocktail edit bobbi lin 34121 - Recipes
Hayley’s Comment (Blackberry, Sherry, and Bourbon) Cocktail RecipeThis cocktail is tart from blackberry syrup and lemon juice and fruity without any cloying sweetness. It’s balanced by the caramel flavors in the bourbon and gets creaminess from the sherry. Drink it all season, or at least as long as you can get some decent berries. Rolf and Daughters’ bar director Brice Hoffmann mixed up this new, seasonal cocktail (developed by bartender Reuben Bidez) for one of our editors when she visited Nashville.
50101d0d 67ff 4639 bb5a 451c5fc5f3e4 holiday manhattan food52 mark weinberg 14 11 04 04851 - Recipes
Holiday Manhattan Cocktail RecipeWe recently had dinner at the home of some friends. I asked if I could bring anything, and my friend, who had heard that I enjoyed making cocktails, wondered if I had any fun Christmas cocktails up my sleeve. Although I have never had a classic Manhattan -- I’m a dark spirit late bloomer and usually drink it neat -- I love bourbon and this is what I came up with. Like any good Manhattan, as written it is a little boozy, but can be mellowed out with the addition of ice cubes in your glass and/or topped with club soda It is lovely at the end of a long day. I thought this was a yummy and surprising twist on a Manhattan. Both my husband and I really enjoyed it. You don't usually see bourbon and dry vermouth together, but the sweet tang of the pomegranate molasses and the bitters helped to marry bourbon's sweet oak with the more vegetal vermouth flavors (I used Bulleit Bourbon and Dolin Dry) making for a complex cocktail that was still easy drinking.
916db5ee 0adc 4e1e 8ffa 9d325d5cd870 bourbon sour basil haydens1 - Recipes
Bourbon Sour With Honey-Plum Syrup Cocktail Recipe"This drink is perfect for the last days of summer, and the ushering in of a new season," says our Resident Bartender, Elliott Clark. "The base spirit—I chose Basil Hayden's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, which is light-bodied with a spicy flavor profile—is always the inspiration for any crowd-pleasing cocktail. This specific spirit meshes with many different ingredients, but for a light, late-season cocktail it works well with citrus and other bright fruits." The combination equals a highly sip-able drink just about anyone would enjoy.
2988477b 37e7 40aa 88d3 41535fa5c155 mint1 - Recipes
Mint Julep Cocktail RecipeThe classic mint julep recipe is probably most closely associated with the Kentucky Derby—the iconic annual horse race held the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs—but it makes a great spring and summer cocktail no matter the occasion. This version from Erik Lombardo, who previously oversaw the bar program at New York City restaurant Maialino and is currently the general manager at Marta, is as close as you'll get to the mint juleps they serve at the Derby without having to make your way to Kentucky. With a fresh-made mint simple syrup (don't worry, making the simple syrup is easy: it's just sugar, water, and fresh mint leaves), plenty of crushed ice, and of course, bourbon, this knockout cocktail is a refreshing show-stopper. If you're not sure what bourbon to use, you might want to opt for the brand of bourbon they actually serve at the Kentucky Derby, which is Woodford Reserve (though any type of good bourbon will work). Lombardo also suggests that since the original mint juleps were made with rum (Jamaican rum, that is), rum is a great substitute for bourbon if you find yourself in a pinch. He even adds that if you can find real peach brandy (that is, a spirit distilled from fermented peaches and aged in wood barrels—not a sweetened cordial), you should combine it with the bourbon in this cocktail for a supremely delicious result. No matter which type of spirit you choose (though we're a sucker for the classic bourbon), this classic mint julep recipe is sure to impress your guests—whether you're hosting a Kentucky Derby party, backyard get-together, or want to mix up a drink to sip by the pool. We can't get enough of this classic mint julep recipe—with a homemade mint simple syrup and a hearty splash of good bourbon—from bartender extraordinaire Erik Lombardo, especially during Derby season.
c97c92ea b294 46d5 b816 5b66de999a89 2015 0417 tipsy arnold palmer cocktail 0231 - Recipes
Tipsy Arnold Palmer Cocktail RecipeIf you ask a group of golfers to tell you how the Arnold Palmer came to life, they’ll tell you a few dozen stories. And we like a drink that’s got a good story—plus the bite of bourbon.
310696e6 b2ef 434e b89c fb67919d1c18 2017 1116 making magic punch 3x2 rocky luten 0781 - Recipes
Crimson Bulleit Punch Cocktail RecipeThis elixir has everything I look for in a holiday punch, a delicious ruby red color, the effervescence of champagne, a hint of ginger spice, and enough sweetness (but not too much) to coax this rather potent punch down with ease. I’ve written the recipe in “parts” equivalents, so that you can easily make it by the punch bowl, or cocktail shaker quantities. If served in a punch bowl, I’d recommend making an ice ring to keep it chilled, in which you could freeze fresh cranberries and pomegranate arils. We first made this punch exactly as written, shaking it all together in a cocktail mixer. It was a fine thing, heavy on the bourbon straight from the nose to the finish, boozy and big.
bc111a00 b41b 4e2a 9d0a f99af241f8d5 2014 1010 apple peel infused bourbon 0511 - Recipes
Apple Peel Bourbon Cocktail RecipeThis is the best, and booziest, way to use apple peels. I got the idea from Tara Duggan's "Root to Stalk" (Ten Speed, 2013). Tara suggests serving it over ice, topped with ginger beer and a big squeeze of lime -- and I agree.
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