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Cocktail Recipes

CoffeeMargarita header 2000x1153 - Recipes
Starbucks Coffee Margarita​ RecipeA coffee-flavored margarita where triple sec, agave syrup, chilled co­ffee and tequila swirl together in a glass rimmed with cinnamon sugar.
Shakerato Header 2000x1153 - Recipes
Starbucks Shakerato RecipeGrab a cocktail shaker and shake it up! This classic Italian iced espresso recipe is a delicious, sweet, creamy drink that’s topped off with a fluffly layer of foam.
Starbucks Cold Brew Old Fashioned Recipes 2000x1153 - Recipes
Starbucks Cold Brew Old Fashioned RecipeThis creative take on the classic cocktail is easy to make and sure to delight. In place of the bourbon traditionally used to make an Old Fashioned, we’re substituting delicious homemade cold brew coffee.
Starbucks Iced Coffee Cocktails Recipes 2000x1153 - Recipes
Starbucks Iced Coffee Cocktails RecipeLonger days, warmer nights and a taste for all things iced. This easy-to-make recipe for Starbucks® Iced Coffee Cocktails combines our two favorite things: Breakfast Blend and a splash of flavored spirits.
Irish Coffee 2000x1153 - Recipes
Starbucks Irish Coffee RecipeA little whiskey goes a long way in this coffee cocktail. Nothing melts away the chills like piping hot coffee and a shot of Irish whiskey—preferably mixed together with a bit of brown sugar and topped with a heaping scoop of whipped cream. Here’s how to whip up this cold-weather favorite for a few lucky friends.
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