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Espresso Recipes

Summer Sno Cones 3 Ways Header 2000x1153 - Recipes
Starbucks Summer Sno-Cones 3 Ways RecipeLooking for a tasty way to beat the heat? Create your own sno-cone syrups with these easy coffee-forward recipes, crafted to put a spin on a refreshing summertime treat.
1 CAH AffogatoDessert Hdr 2880x1660 2000x1153 - Recipes
Starbucks Affogato Dessert​ RecipeStarbucks® Colombia medium roast coffee mixed with cookies and cream ice cream? Yes, please! This spin on a classic Italian dessert is easy to make and impossible to forget.
Shakerato Header 2000x1153 - Recipes
Starbucks Shakerato RecipeGrab a cocktail shaker and shake it up! This classic Italian iced espresso recipe is a delicious, sweet, creamy drink that’s topped off with a fluffly layer of foam.
Starbucks Orange Mocha​ Recipes 2000x1153 - Recipes
Starbucks Orange Mocha​ RecipeEnjoy the best of both worlds with this unforgettable beverage, where espresso swirls together with the classic combination of chocolate flavor and orange zest.
Starbucks Maple Cinnamon Macchiato​ Recipes 2000x1153 - Recipes
Starbucks Maple Cinnamon Macchiato​ RecipeMacchiato is an espresso drink with a small amount of milk, which is usually frothed. In this recipe, complementary flavors of maple syrup and cinnamon dance together over a delicious espresso base.
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